The story takes its start since the day when Confederate Motorcycle Company met Pierre Terblanche, the ex – designer of Ducati. Mr. Terblanche started working on improving the existing Confederate platform. 5

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Mazda Company introduced a conceptual sports coupe called the RX Vision at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015.4

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Creative arts – KOW.T6

A broad sphere of creative arts occurs in numerous embranchments and directions like drama and theater, graphic design, music, films, writing, photography and visual arts. Creative arts help the novice to develop and evolve as expressive, imaginative, innovative and distinct professionals without a sense of illiberality of their personal style and vision of the world. A creative art is aimed at demonstrating something new and exceptional, something truly special from the depths of creators’ souls and hearts. This article is based on the contemplation of the modern creative artist Beeple handiwork, which is named “KOW.T6”.


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5 the most unusual scale models in the world

port-scale-modelThe creating of ordinary scale models of cars, vehicles, buildings or something else is a hard and long work, which demands patience, attention to details, special knowledge as well as creativity. But what about the scale models of something that has been created during many years or even decades? Can you imagine the model of thing, the creation of which has costed you a huge amount of money? Well, you will have such an opportunity, because now I’m going to tell you about 5 the most unusual scale models in the world.
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Unusual Staudinger Franke advertisement

OELZ_Toaster_fullNowadays, it’s quite difficult to make a good and interesting advertisement, which won’t cause negative emotions and attract people’s attention. But at least one photography studio is able to make unbelievably stunning and unusual ads. This is Vienna-based Staudinger Franke studio. Continue reading “Unusual Staudinger Franke advertisement”

Animal head sculptures with stormtrooper helmet


The real art may be very different and sometimes very unusual for an ordinary person, but nevertheless it has the right to exist. One of such examples is the animal head sculptures made by Blank William. Continue reading “Animal head sculptures with stormtrooper helmet”