How the New York police worked in the 70s (Adult content)

Coolest pictures telling about police work in New York in the 70s. Attention, there are even tough shots. Only for adults


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How penguin sweaters save the birds’ lives

It may sound impossible but the real clothes made by ordinary people have saved many penguins’ lives in New Zealand. And the story of birds’ tiny sweaters has begun the following way.


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Laraki Epitome Concept is a new supercar to pay attention


If you are a real fan of supercars and would like to know everything about them, especially about the new ones, then you should read this article. Now I`m going to tell you about Laraki Epitome Concept – a relatively new car with a really good performance and a bit peculiar look. Continue reading “Laraki Epitome Concept is a new supercar to pay attention”

Have you ever seen a real Porsche shoot?


After the engine of the classic Porsche 911 has stopped to work (along with the cooling system and other electronics), its owner has decided not to repair the car for $20 000, but to give it as a non-commercial contribution dedicated to “The protection of gun rights”. So, lets find out what’s left of the icon after 10 000 bullets. This unforgettable action has got a title “a Porsche shoot”. Continue reading “Have you ever seen a real Porsche shoot?”

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my friends! Wish you a lot of happiness and let all your dreams come true!


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Travel alone or not?

Travel alone or not?

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