Creepy Daniel Venekurt artworks

Bt9197oCYAAXTzB              If you are very impressionable and afraid of various eerie monsters, then don’t read this article and don’t look at the dark art pictures of Daniel Venekurt, which will be shown here.
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Pixel Pancho street art gives robots a new life

1916f039066717.5606a908516dc              If you are interested in huge various robots and don’t mind to see them on big wall murals, then you will like awesome works of Pixel Pancho. This famous Italian artist specializes in work on large wall murals, tiles, posters and stickers.
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Images with hidden sense by Oleg Shuplyak


The majority of people love the various types of puzzles, and today I’d like to present you one of such masterpieces. I`ll tell you about the optical illusions of the amazing paintings, created by the famous Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak. Continue reading “Images with hidden sense by Oleg Shuplyak”