Unbelievable Bastardo Drag Style by Walz Hardcore Cycles


Any motorcyclist in any part of the world would like to have a peculiar bike, which not only has a great performance, but is also able to emphasize his uniqueness. One of such motorbike is called Bastardo and it is made by Walz Hardcore Cycles – the company created by Marcus Walz in 1992.

For the first time, this hardcore motorcycle was created by the Italian company for a Welsh client. Bastardo Drag Style, which is called like this because of its unique frame developed by Marcus Walz a few years ago, is a really powerful vehicle. It is equipped with a modded engine titled Twin Cam. This iron horse is also very notable due to its interesting paint inspired by grey color of the well-known B52 Bomber and the graphics, which are situated in the different parts of the motorbike and are all handmade.

As for me, I consider Bastardo Drag Style to be the best variant for those who want to have motorcycle with good technical characteristics and a unique look. This hardcore vehicle is powerful and at the same time it is customized in an interesting style, which attracts attention of the people on the streets and makes you proud of such a cool motorcycle.


What kind of transport do you prefer for short trips?

What kind of transport do you prefer for short trips?

3Today, we have many ways to get to a place 40 miles away. The most common means of transportation are going by car, by bus or by motorbike.

IMG_0111Traveling motorcycle is very fast and cool. You can get to the final destination very fast. During the ride, you will feel freedom and wind in your ears.

motorcycle-travelThis is the main advantage of this kind of transportation. By the way, if you are going to ride a bike, you must have a helmet and special safety clothes.

BUS2The second way is going by bus. It is the slowest kind of transportation, because the bus will often stop at the bus stations.

img_0066The biggest disadvantage of the bus is its schedule of depature time. On the other hand, the bus is the cheapest way to get the final destination.

art-красивые-картинки-автобус-икарус-694298Yes, it is less comfortable than car or a bike, but you can save your money and enjoy the ride, listening to music.

New-Bus-for-LondonOne more important thing is that you don`t need to pay attention to the road and be responsible for your passengers safety.

Couple driving convertible on empty road at sunset

The third way, which you can use to get to the destination place is a car. It`s the most expensive way, but the safest, the most comfortable and suitable.

individualist-3The car offers an opportunity to depart at any time convenient for you time. You have a lot of loading space for your baggage. During the trip you can stop in any places you want, ride with preferable for you speed, and choose your own way. I would chose this kind of transportation because of the mention reasons.


However, there is one more important thing for me. The car ride offers an opportunity to enjoy your favorite music as well as the surrounding landscapes. Moreover, it is still the safest way to get your destination.

NEW ZEALANDWish to all of you a lot of short and happy road trips!