Glorious masterpiece – Chevy Corvette Roadster 1962.

As it has been clear for years, Corvette is some kind of a “racing” symbol of Chevrolet Company. The first model of Corvette saw the light of day in 1953. This means, that Corvette C1 came off the line earlier, than another legendary model – Chevrolet Camaro. Corvette has its own unique logo, which became a true symbol of power and speed, and raised a whole army of fans around the world. The logo consists of two crossed flags: a racing one and a flag with a Chevrolet Logo and a lily. Lily flower is a symbol of purity and tenderness, and it might seem to be unusual to place this flower on the logo of a performing muscle car, but it is onto something special.1
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The most bizarre coins and stamps in the world


We all use various coins and stamps in our everyday life to pay for something and sometimes we just don’t pay attention to them. But what will happen if you get a coin in the form of heart or triangle? Will you draw your attention to it in this case? I think, yes. So, today I’ve decided to show you 10 the most unusual coins and stamps ever made in the world.
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Plunge into amazing fairy tales thanks to Magdalena Korzeniewska gel pen arts


I don’t know how about you, but I adore everything fantastical – fairy tales, stories, legends and, of course, illustrations to them. That’s why today I would like to present you incredibly amazing pen arts of a Poland illustrator – Magdalena Korzeniewska.
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Jeff Nishinaka paper sculptures

Jeff Nichinaka is a USA-based sculptor who creates his amazing works more than 30 years. This experienced artist is famous in the whole world because of his awesome paper sculptures, about which we are going to tell you now. Continue reading “Jeff Nishinaka paper sculptures”

Incredible miniatures of natural disasters by Marc Simon Frei

tesla-4-640x425Have you ever seen small lightning storms? Would you like to look at miniatures of this amazing nature phenomenon? Then we are glad to share the incredible set of photos of Marc Simon Frei. Continue reading “Incredible miniatures of natural disasters by Marc Simon Frei”

Amazing miniature paintings by Hasan Kale


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Sena Runa amazing paper art


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Funny sketches from Apredart will make you smile


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Things to stay healthy

Things to stay healthy

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Presents in our life

Presents in our life

All people love to receive or give presents. Some people prefer to give usual present or just some amount of money. Continue reading “Presents in our life”