5 the most unusual scale models in the world

port-scale-modelThe creating of ordinary scale models of cars, vehicles, buildings or something else is a hard and long work, which demands patience, attention to details, special knowledge as well as creativity. But what about the scale models of something that has been created during many years or even decades? Can you imagine the model of thing, the creation of which has costed you a huge amount of money? Well, you will have such an opportunity, because now I’m going to tell you about 5 the most unusual scale models in the world.
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Creative library-vehicle will make you study

TankbibliotekaAs it has turned out, Argentina is not only a country of football and delicious vines, but it’s also the one where the heavy weapons are used in peaceful and useful purposes. Thus, an eccentric Argentinian artist – Raul Lemesoff – has created a real tank-library that goes about the streets of Buenos Aires.
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Car Graveyards photos will surely impress every car enthusiast

It looks impossible that someone has found his inspiration in the real car graveyard, but as it has turned out at least one artist think the other way. The German photographer Dieter Klein considers the subject of the abandoned old cars to be very interesting and important enough to appear on his photos and be shown to the large audience.
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