Plunge into amazing fairy tales thanks to Magdalena Korzeniewska gel pen arts


I don’t know how about you, but I adore everything fantastical – fairy tales, stories, legends and, of course, illustrations to them. That’s why today I would like to present you incredibly amazing pen arts of a Poland illustrator – Magdalena Korzeniewska.
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3D printed building and a car are created. What’s next?

amie3Dprintedhouse--900x600Oak Ridge National Laboratory in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill company have created a unique project – The Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE). This project represents 3D printed building and car, which ensure their own needs in energy. Continue reading “3D printed building and a car are created. What’s next?”

Amazing miniature paintings by Hasan Kale


As you all know the real art is incredibly multifaceted. Once more this statement has been proven by Turkish artist – Hasan Kale, who creates amazing miniature paintings. Continue reading “Amazing miniature paintings by Hasan Kale”

Animal head sculptures with stormtrooper helmet


The real art may be very different and sometimes very unusual for an ordinary person, but nevertheless it has the right to exist. One of such examples is the animal head sculptures made by Blank William. Continue reading “Animal head sculptures with stormtrooper helmet”

Sena Runa amazing paper art


Have you ever heard about such paper art as quilling? Do you have any of such artworks? No? Then now you have an excellent chance to get to know more about this art, one well-known artist and even appraise some wonderful creations. Continue reading “Sena Runa amazing paper art”

Funny sketches from Apredart will make you smile


If you are a person who is interested in all cool and amazing pictures of self-taught artists, then we suggest you paying attention to funny sketches from Apredart. Continue reading “Funny sketches from Apredart will make you smile”

Vincent Bourilhon photos will make you believe in magic

The everyday life of any adult person is full of duties and cares and often there is no time to stop and think about your life, your desires and dreams. When you will feel tired, upset or emotionless, go to the site of famous French photographer Vincent Bourilhon and look at his amazing pictures. Continue reading “Vincent Bourilhon photos will make you believe in magic”