Why supercar and trailer is a bad idea to combine

Wild extreme on supercars with trailers (mobile homes). Two F1 racers – Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen demonstrated why there are no supercars tied up with mobile homes on the roads.
redbul supercar with trailer
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Unusual Staudinger Franke advertisement

OELZ_Toaster_fullNowadays, it’s quite difficult to make a good and interesting advertisement, which won’t cause negative emotions and attract people’s attention. But at least one photography studio is able to make unbelievably stunning and unusual ads. This is Vienna-based Staudinger Franke studio. Continue reading “Unusual Staudinger Franke advertisement”

Funny monsters made from coffee stains

monsters-18-900x900The real art is endless and multifaceted. This sentence has been already proven many times by different people, and today I have one more confirmation presented by Stefan Hingûkk. This artist is a representative of the coffee art. Have you ever heard about such art? No? Then, now you have a good chance to familiarize with the coffee art.
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Daily life of stormtroopers

4948776ed5bef8cbc1d68ea910_5f2f0621Have you ever thought about daily life of characters of any popular film or movie series? And how about the characters from the well known Star Wars series? Would you like to know how they might live in the reality? If you have answered positively, then today you have an excellent chance to reveal one such mystery. It concerns the daily life of one well known detachment in Star Wars series – stormtroopers. Continue reading “Daily life of stormtroopers”

How penguin sweaters save the birds’ lives

It may sound impossible but the real clothes made by ordinary people have saved many penguins’ lives in New Zealand. And the story of birds’ tiny sweaters has begun the following way.


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Funny sketches from Apredart will make you smile


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Decorate your house or workplace with creative sculptures

12230805_1525326694446494_985018599_nDo you adore all unusual creative things and try to find the new ones? Then I am happy to tell you about small creative sculptures by Chercheto.

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The shoes bakery: what is it?

The real art has no limits. This statement has been already proven lots of times by many different people and in various domains. This time we have been surprised by a young designer Chris Campbell, who has decided to amaze women with absolutely unusual shoes. Continue reading “The shoes bakery: what is it?”

Have you ever seen a real Porsche shoot?


After the engine of the classic Porsche 911 has stopped to work (along with the cooling system and other electronics), its owner has decided not to repair the car for $20 000, but to give it as a non-commercial contribution dedicated to “The protection of gun rights”. So, lets find out what’s left of the icon after 10 000 bullets. This unforgettable action has got a title “a Porsche shoot”. Continue reading “Have you ever seen a real Porsche shoot?”

Make your day with this exciting Zootopia trailer!

One of the most anticipated 3D animated films of 2016 titled Zootopia has recently got its first official trailer. The creators of the upcoming action-adventure – Walt Disney Animation Studios – have offered us to take a look on the unusual world of this animated movie and meet its protagonists. Continue reading “Make your day with this exciting Zootopia trailer!”