The world’s most beautiful terminals, you do not want to fly away.

airport-hd-wallpaperUsually there is an airport on the way to interesting places in different cities and countries, and it is particularly unremarkable. However, some airports are unique places, which coud become a final destination of your trip. I`ve picked the 10 most beautiful airports around the world with the original architecture and interior design. Enjoy!

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Daily life of stormtroopers

4948776ed5bef8cbc1d68ea910_5f2f0621Have you ever thought about daily life of characters of any popular film or movie series? And how about the characters from the well known Star Wars series? Would you like to know how they might live in the reality? If you have answered positively, then today you have an excellent chance to reveal one such mystery. It concerns the daily life of one well known detachment in Star Wars series – stormtroopers. Continue reading “Daily life of stormtroopers”

Italian street art evolution by Blu


A long time ago the street art was one of the main ways to express the feelings and thoughts of young self-taught artists. And now it is more than that, it has become a good way to show the real problems of society and our world, which will be seen by a large audience.
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Vincent Bourilhon photos will make you believe in magic

The everyday life of any adult person is full of duties and cares and often there is no time to stop and think about your life, your desires and dreams. When you will feel tired, upset or emotionless, go to the site of famous French photographer Vincent Bourilhon and look at his amazing pictures. Continue reading “Vincent Bourilhon photos will make you believe in magic”

Have you ever seen a real Porsche shoot?


After the engine of the classic Porsche 911 has stopped to work (along with the cooling system and other electronics), its owner has decided not to repair the car for $20 000, but to give it as a non-commercial contribution dedicated to “The protection of gun rights”. So, lets find out what’s left of the icon after 10 000 bullets. This unforgettable action has got a title “a Porsche shoot”. Continue reading “Have you ever seen a real Porsche shoot?”