The story takes its start since the day when Confederate Motorcycle Company met Pierre Terblanche, the ex – designer of Ducati. Mr. Terblanche started working on improving the existing Confederate platform. 5

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Unbelievable Bastardo Drag Style by Walz Hardcore Cycles


Any motorcyclist in any part of the world would like to have a peculiar bike, which not only has a great performance, but is also able to emphasize his uniqueness. One of such motorbike is called Bastardo and it is made by Walz Hardcore Cycles – the company created by Marcus Walz in 1992.

For the first time, this hardcore motorcycle was created by the Italian company for a Welsh client. Bastardo Drag Style, which is called like this because of its unique frame developed by Marcus Walz a few years ago, is a really powerful vehicle. It is equipped with a modded engine titled Twin Cam. This iron horse is also very notable due to its interesting paint inspired by grey color of the well-known B52 Bomber and the graphics, which are situated in the different parts of the motorbike and are all handmade.

As for me, I consider Bastardo Drag Style to be the best variant for those who want to have motorcycle with good technical characteristics and a unique look. This hardcore vehicle is powerful and at the same time it is customized in an interesting style, which attracts attention of the people on the streets and makes you proud of such a cool motorcycle.