If world leaders were cars

Many politicians are better known because of the image that they have created over the years than the actual rate of the policy itself, which they adhere to. Before the upcoming elections in the US British car site CawWow decided to dream, as how could it look like if American presidential candidates and other world leaders are machines.


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The UFO hotel built in Sweden

The modern architecture has no limits and is able to create the most unbelievable and odd buildings from the various materials. One of such peculiar edifices has been built in Sweden. It is an UFO hotel, which is situated in the heart of dense woods of the northern Sweden, not far from the Lule River. Continue reading “The UFO hotel built in Sweden”

Gorgeous PE-Travers artworks

Hi, dear connoisseurs of art and fans of video games! Today, I’d like to tell you about awesome artworks made by a talented artist PE-Travers.
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How do awesome illustrations of birds on the mural serve to the science?

We all have used that the various illustrations as well as paintings, sculptures and artworks are just beautiful pieces of art, which help their creators to express. But what if they can be more important and serve for scientific purposes? I have recently found one of such examples and now would like to share it with you.
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Cool graphical Star Wars posters by Ty Mattson

It looks like the famous Star Wars series will always be incredibly popular and important for people. Despite the fact that this franchise exists almost 40 years, it continues developing and rejoices us with new materials. This time, it’s the question of a new series of graphical posters dedicated to the franchise in general and its main characters.
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Gripping landscapes photos of Jonathan Taylor Sweet

12298879_1655339041371233_1778882314_nI’ve always loved the nature with its deep blue river and seas, mysterious mountains, dense green forests and sunny fields and grasslands. And I’ve always liked bright and colorful pictures of nature and I hope that you too, because now I want to share the stunning landscapes photos, which I’ve recently found.
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Unusual metaphoric sculptures of Seo Young-Deok

Have you ever seen a sculpture made from bicycle chains? Would you like to appraise such one? If you have answered positively, then now you have a good chance to look at amazing sculptures, which are made with bicycle chains.
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5 the most unusual scale models in the world

port-scale-modelThe creating of ordinary scale models of cars, vehicles, buildings or something else is a hard and long work, which demands patience, attention to details, special knowledge as well as creativity. But what about the scale models of something that has been created during many years or even decades? Can you imagine the model of thing, the creation of which has costed you a huge amount of money? Well, you will have such an opportunity, because now I’m going to tell you about 5 the most unusual scale models in the world.
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Super realistic paintings of Damian Loeb

damian_loeb-cygnus_36x36in-oil-on-linen_2015-full_w750_h750Usually, the art’s main goal is not to show the reality as close as it’s possible but to demonstrate the inner world of artists, their feelings towards some places or people or just to express. But my today’s story is dedicated to the artist, whose stunning paintings are super realistic.
When you look for the first time at the works of Damian Loeb, you may think that these are photos, beautiful and of good quality, but nevertheless photos. And you will be wrong. Damian Loeb is a self-taught artist, who creates amazing hyperrealistic oil paintings. The last ones demonstrate people the incredibly detailed landscapes on Earth, various cloud formations and the vastness of the cosmos with its planets, stars and other celestial objects. But how does Damian recreate such realistic landscapes and celestial bodies on his paintings? To do it, the American-based artist uses a high-tech gadgetry and has to take lots of photos. Although it may seem strange, but Damian paints not exactly what he previously photographed. He spent many months in his studio, working with these photos, changing the contrast light, exposure, shadow or other things on them. When this stage of work is finished, he starts creating his oil paintings, supplementing them with some additional photos from the well-known Hubble Space Telescope.
The main goal of the painter is an astronomical accuracy and he really achieves it, spending many months replicating the smallest patterns among the stars as well as checking and rechecking all the photos. You may only look at one of his latest paintings series – “(Sol).d”- to make sure in it. All extraterrestrial landscapes as well as earth-bound views depicted on the paintings of this series look incredibly realistic and reliable. When you look at “Cygnus” or “The Great Rift” canvasses, you have a strong feeling that you see them in a telescope. The same feeling of hyperrealism follows you when you draw your attention to “Sol”, “Fulwell” or “Windsor” paintings.
As for me, it’s quite hard to paint such landscapes and celestial bodies in detail and make people believe that they look at not good photos, but super realistic canvasses. And what do you think?
More awesome paintings of Damian Loeb are available on his official site. Enjoy!

The engraving art from Joe Cummings

quailstock1600pixThe engraving is one of the oldest and the most beautiful arts in the world, the history of which is spaining many centuries. But despite the fact that this art is so old, nevertheless it continues surprising people with its depth, beauty and uniqueness. And the masters of engraving art don’t stop rejoicing us with their amazing works on various materials. Joe Cummings is one of such people.
This experienced and multi-talented master specializes in engraving different gun stocks, attache cases, fireplace mantles, pistol grips and many other things. Being a taxidermist in the past, Joe has learned to represent perfectly various animals, that’s why all his carvings with animals are so realistic.
In general, the master prefers recreating different birds, animals and nature on his works. When you see a bear, a deer, a wolf or birds skillfully carved on the gun stocks, you are gripped with an admiration, because the animals look like alive and you can see the smallest details of their faces and bodies. Thanks to such amazing engraving, such guns or rifles turn from the simple weapon into incredibly beautiful decorative things. But the master of engraving doesn’t stop repeating to people not to be afraid of using such guns to hunt, because one day they may become a good source of interesting stories for their grandkids.
But, as I have mentioned previously, Joe Cummings also engraves fireplace mantles and attache briefcases. The last ones are completely unique not only because of high-quality wood, but also due to perfectly carved animals, trees, leaves and mountains. Nevertheless, my favorite engraving works of Joe are those depicted on fireplace mantles. They are so detailed and stunning that you are able to imagine the whole story or even to fancy that you are right there. And it has become possible only thanks to the incredibly mastery of Cummings.
By the way, you can look at more awesome engraving works of Joe on his official site.