A futuristic IED Syrma Concept Car

IED-Syrma-Concept-Car_0-640x426Welcome, fans of concept cars! Today, I would like to show you a new creation of students from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Italy. Their concept car, which looks very futuristic, is called IED Syrma. Firstly, it has been shown at the 85th Geneva Motor Show.
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Incredible miniatures of natural disasters by Marc Simon Frei

tesla-4-640x425Have you ever seen small lightning storms? Would you like to look at miniatures of this amazing nature phenomenon? Then we are glad to share the incredible set of photos of Marc Simon Frei. Continue reading “Incredible miniatures of natural disasters by Marc Simon Frei”

3D printed building and a car are created. What’s next?

amie3Dprintedhouse--900x600Oak Ridge National Laboratory in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill company have created a unique project – The Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE). This project represents 3D printed building and car, which ensure their own needs in energy. Continue reading “3D printed building and a car are created. What’s next?”

Flike: flying bike – is it real?

flike1We all have seen many strange flying vehicles in the sci-fi movies. But will they be really made one day? As it has turned out, one such vehicle – Flike – has already been invented and even tested by a group of enthusiasts from Hungary. Continue reading “Flike: flying bike – is it real?”

Electro-magnetic Audi concept car

Electro-magnetic Audi concept car will change your perception of the world

audi-5Could you ever imagine a real car without wheels? No? Then, it’s time to change your way of thinking or at least your perception of the world, because such automobile has been already designed. Continue reading “Electro-magnetic Audi concept car”

Lamborghini Quanta

Lamborghini Quanta

Let`s meet an awesome concept-car with the emblem of a corrida bull on the hood. Welcome to a new Lamborghini Quanta concept. Continue reading “Lamborghini Quanta”

Military Ambulance Concept

Military Ambulance Concept

Three Turkish designers Tamer YÜKSEK, Mehmet Mehmetalioglu and Kürsat Kemal Kul have presented a new concept of the future military ambulance. Continue reading “Military Ambulance Concept”