Amazing cars collection at VilingStore.com

Nissan-GT-R-Pursuit-23 1170x780 Helo girls and boys! Today, I want to share with you a small collection of amazing cars, which I’ve gatheret on vilingstore. Now there are only 20 cars, which I like.
But, I will add more cars with every next day.
By the way, I’m want to know: What’s your favorite dream car, share with their images or links in comments.

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Infinity Project Black S


Infinity is struggling to improve its performance on the market. The latest production car models – Q60 Red Sport and Q50 Eau Rouge couldn’t manage to compete with German automotive industry leaders.

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Mazda Company introduced a conceptual sports coupe called the RX Vision at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015.4

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A futuristic IED Syrma Concept Car

IED-Syrma-Concept-Car_0-640x426Welcome, fans of concept cars! Today, I would like to show you a new creation of students from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Italy. Their concept car, which looks very futuristic, is called IED Syrma. Firstly, it has been shown at the 85th Geneva Motor Show.
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Electro-magnetic Audi concept car

Electro-magnetic Audi concept car will change your perception of the world

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Laraki Epitome Concept is a new supercar to pay attention


If you are a real fan of supercars and would like to know everything about them, especially about the new ones, then you should read this article. Now I`m going to tell you about Laraki Epitome Concept – a relatively new car with a really good performance and a bit peculiar look. Continue reading “Laraki Epitome Concept is a new supercar to pay attention”

Lamborghini Quanta

Lamborghini Quanta

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Mercedes IAA Concept

Mercedes IAA Concept

Air emissions are becoming more toxic, so car manufacturers are being forced to go beyond the common thoughts in search of a better economy and environmental friendliness. Continue reading “Mercedes IAA Concept”

Porsche Mission E Concept

Porsche Mission E Concept

Porsche introduced new four-dour electric supercar Mission E Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show. Car design is great and futuristic. From any side Porsche`s concept has elegant, smooth and aerodynamic lines. Continue reading “Porsche Mission E Concept”

Cars from a new movie James Bond 007 Spectre

Cars from a new movie James Bond 007 Spectre

The sensational premiere of the next James Bond film couldn`t have happened without new, beautiful and super-fast cars. Continue reading “Cars from a new movie James Bond 007 Spectre”