Inspiring pictures and a few words from me

2c_lagoclxaIt`s being a long time since I`ve written something about interesting things in this world.
Actually, now I still working on the  fantastic project (It`s a website ) where will be much more interesting posts, ideas and photos. When it happens, I`ll share a link to all of you my friends. Continue reading “Inspiring pictures and a few words from me”


French lion presented a lux wheeled bistro.

Peugeot Company presented a new lay-out – a wheeled bistro, which was shown to the public at a popular World Fair in Carreau du Temple.


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The shoes bakery: what is it?

The real art has no limits. This statement has been already proven lots of times by many different people and in various domains. This time we have been surprised by a young designer Chris Campbell, who has decided to amaze women with absolutely unusual shoes. Continue reading “The shoes bakery: what is it?”

Simple and healthy dessert recipe for your party

Cold Strawberry Ice Cream
If you are going to have a party soon, but still don’t know which desserts you need to cook for your guests, then we can help you. Today I’d like to share one simple, but at the same time very healthy dessert recipe. This is the recipe of a fruit ice-cream, which will be perfect for a party, a meeting with your close friends or just for your delight. Continue reading “Simple and healthy dessert recipe for your party”

Things to stay healthy

Things to stay healthy

It`s very important thing to stay strong and healthy during the whole life. For this, people do many different and sometimes ridiculous things. In my opinion, the most important of them are sports, healthy food and an 8-hour sleep. Continue reading “Things to stay healthy”