The best works of the weather photos contest “Weather Photographer of the Year 2016”

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comIt’s no secret that the British are obsessed with the weather forecast. For them, every exit from the house is fraught hit by torrential rain. From this they developed a habit and keep abreast of, or rather, on the button of the umbrella disclosure.

Maybe it was the main reason why the Royal Meteorological Society has decided to team up with the Royal Photographic Society and organize a competition to identify the best photographer of different weather conditions. In our gallery you will find the best papers presented at the first contest in a row Weather Photographer of the Year. By the way, photographers from around the world can participate, so if you are not averse to “hunt” for lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes, do not forget to send their works to the contest in the coming year. British Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Photographic Society for the first time organized a competition «Weather Photographer of the Year». All in all it was attended by over 800 works. I`ll show some of the finalists and winners.

Polar stratospheric clouds (Golden starfishes)/ Alan Tough

grozy-13-8In late January and early February 2016 an unusually cold Arctic stratospheric air has reached Britain. This allowed to observe the nacreous clouds that form at low temperatures. Picture taken in the old compact digital camera

Lightning strikes the tanker Guanabura / Graham Newman

grozy-13-12The tanker was carrying crude oil to the island of Barrow. The picture was taken from a distance of 5.3 km. After that, the photographer had to run and hide in the car to not get himself under attack

Clash of storms in New Mexico / Camellia Tsuchniki

grozy-13-5The picture of these unique natural phenomena are made in the US – on the foothill plateau of the Great Plains

Misty dawn on the river in Glastonbury / Kevin Pearson

90689979_kevinpearson-mistyriverdawnPicture has been taken in early April on the banks of the river Bru. Cold evening gave way to clear morning, and the grass was still visible frost

Heavy rain and hail near the observatory “Jodrell Bank” / Mark Boardman

90690103_markboardman-hailshoweroverjodrellbankThe picture was taken in April, on the edge of the forest Macclesfield in the UK

Storm clouds over Yorkshire / Matt Robinson90722031_matrobinson-mamazingThe picture was taken during the return of the photographer from the Midlands in York

Cloud tunnel Karneddo in north Wales / Steve Smith90690294_stevemsmith-cloudtunnelcarneddaunorthwalesAtmospheric pressure was high, and the weather forecast was to be good. The photographer had to wait in the morning, before the fog lifted and he was able to move on.


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