How the New York police worked in the 70s (Adult content)

Coolest pictures telling about police work in New York in the 70s. Attention, there are even tough shots. Only for adults



  1. 1978. The officer Steve Kreychi dresses vest before going to patrol the neighboring buildings.3-29
  2. 1978. The neighbors said they began to feel an unpleasant smell in the hallway of the building in the last few days.1-31
  3. 1978. A police officer waits patiently in the waiting room of the hospital,  while wounded in the leg victim tells him what had happened.4-28
  4. 1978. Police arrested members of anti-war demonstrations.10-18
  5. 1972. Teenage girls run away from their parents and already filled with flavor of the city. “They are lucky, that pimps have not yet reached them” said one of the officers. “They will spend the night here, and in the morning we will give them to social workers.”23
  6. 1978. Arrested in the patrol car.5-26
  7. 1979. 31 December. New Year’s Eve.7-25
  8. 1978. The detained person and officer are looking at each other at the police station.8-25
  9. 1978. Police checks whether the man became ill, or he’s just drunk.9-20

And A few more photos:

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