If world leaders were cars

Many politicians are better known because of the image that they have created over the years than the actual rate of the policy itself, which they adhere to. Before the upcoming elections in the US British car site CawWow decided to dream, as how could it look like if American presidential candidates and other world leaders are machines.


Enough to imagine how would look like Disney Princess, if they had not princesses, it’s time to think about politics, because they can also be present in the images of anything. If a politician is as absurd and emits strange sounds, then no one will choose, the same situation is with cars. Having similar parallels British service for buying and selling cars Carwow decided to imagine how the world would look like political leaders, if they were cars. Four-wheel Putin, Obama, Merkel et al. Are waiting for you on! Now, motorists are not particularly versed in political tensions, clearly understand who is who.

Donald Trump, the presidential candidate from the Republican Party, – Ford F150.2-31


Russian President Vladimir Putin – Lada Niva.1-32


Hillary Clinton, US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, – Tesla Model 3.3-30


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair – MG ZT 260.4-29


German Chancellor Angela Merkel – Volkswagen Golf.5-27

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un – “Ural-4320”.6-28


British Prime Minister Theresa May – MINI.7-26


British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson – Morgan 3-Wheeler.8-26


The former chairman of the Council of Ministers Silvio Berlusconi of Italy – Fiat 500L.9-21


The current US President Barack Obama – Ford Mustang.10-19

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