Star Wars Stormtrooper-like Jeep Cherokee


Recently, photos of Jeep, designed and completed in the style of Star Wars, leaked to the internet web. Is this a joke, or should we treat the new design seriously?
The photograph shows us a precise similarity of Jeep’s design and Stormtrooper’s helmet. The similarities can be noticed and observed in everything: Jeep’s optics look quite similar to the eyepieces on the helmet, the radiator grille is similar to the mouth breathing opening. Even side respiratory transmissions of the Stormtrooper are transferred to a style of the car’s design: a lattice-like embossment on the wings of the Jeep slides down into the additional optics on the bumper.

Shapes and curves of the car’s body are also consistent with a combination of smooth concaves and curves of Stormtrooper’s helmet.
Fingers crossed, that the new Jeep will not be as clumsy as his archetype, and will be maneuverable enough.
Banter aside, Grand Cherokee is a car, stuffed up to the top with innovative technologies.
This car’s styling will certainly suit lovers of Star Wars saga, and will turn heads of street walkers making them watch you go.

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