Glorious masterpiece – Chevy Corvette Roadster 1962.

As it has been clear for years, Corvette is some kind of a “racing” symbol of Chevrolet Company. The first model of Corvette saw the light of day in 1953. This means, that Corvette C1 came off the line earlier, than another legendary model – Chevrolet Camaro. Corvette has its own unique logo, which became a true symbol of power and speed, and raised a whole army of fans around the world. The logo consists of two crossed flags: a racing one and a flag with a Chevrolet Logo and a lily. Lily flower is a symbol of purity and tenderness, and it might seem to be unusual to place this flower on the logo of a performing muscle car, but it is onto something special.1

During the war, some US soldiers who fought against the Nazi forces on the western front, paid attention and turned their heads to the Jaguar’s sports models. Americans loved such cars, so the chief designer of “General Motors” decided to create a car, which would remind the American veterans of the famous British sports cars. During the development and construction, the Chevrolet Corvette was known as the: Project Opel. That is how the story began.
Style and performance of the first generation Corvettes faced numerous enhancements: the body and the hardware were developed, reinforced, and restyled repeatedly, but all of the Corvettes had a permanent body type – roadster.
In 1962, the world met the last model of the Corvette’s first generation. The new model of roadster was outstanding in all aspects from the gear to a body kit. It obtained the top-grade 360 Hp V8 motor and became one of the fastest roadsters worldwide.
A peculiar feature of the new motor is that it was the first one to be equipped with direct fuel injection into the cylinders. Also, this engine is remarkable thanks to another novelty – aluminum engine heads. Corvette 1962 offered four-speed mechanics for the drivers. This super car accelerates to 100 km per hour for only 6.1 sec, and its top speed is 217 km per hour. It would be fair to notice, that the above mentioned indicators are still drop dead gorgeous many years on.
In the photo you can see that the interior of the Corvette was performed in keeping with the European spirit. Three-spoke steering wheel with metal spokes and a gear unit lever, protruding from the transmission tunnel, evoke similarities with British machines. Unlike most American cars of that time, the Corvette is a two-sitter. Specifically, at the request of the first owner, Corvette C1 can be equipped with air conditioning, and it is in the 50s!
At the first sight, you may think that the body of the car is metal, but no, it is made of glass fibre. Thanks to this fact, Corvette is extremely lightweight, hot configuration of such Corvette is 1400 kg. The body frame of this super car is crafted with super solid metal to ensure perfect durability and firmness to the construction.2
The front suspension of this American “athlete” is independent and based on wishbones, and the rear suspension is more utilitarian – dependent with leaf springs (in both cases, there is anti-roll bar). All of the wheels are featured with drum brake mechanisms and the steering system is devoid of the amplifier. Chevrolet Corvette of the first generation is a real exclusive even on the roads of the USA.


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