French lion presented a lux wheeled bistro.

Peugeot Company presented a new lay-out – a wheeled bistro, which was shown to the public at a popular World Fair in Carreau du Temple.


This newly-designed product from Peugeot concentrates the innovative experience of cooking the restaurant-quality foods while being on the go. Peugeot Foodtruck is designed by Peugeot Design Lab studio and it proudly wears the name Le Bistrot du Lion. On the 14th of April, 2015, the new wheeled restaurant took its place and audience at Milan Design Week 2015, and after that, it became a part of thematic World Fair held under a slogan “Feed the Planet. Energy for Life”
Peugeot’s history started more than 200 years ago in France – a country, which is worldwide famous for its cuisine and automobile industry. It is no surprise that both these spheres fundamentally repose on accuracy, innovations and chemistry.6
In 1810, the mill, owned by the Peugeot family, has been converted for the production of blades for saws. Since then, the French brand has continued to develop rapidly: the first mill for coffee from the Peugeot brand was sold in 1840, and the first pepper mill – in 1974, a mechanism of which had a lifetime warranty. In 1882, the first Peugeot’s vehicle, a bicycle Grand-Bi, debuted. Soon after that, Peugeot presented the first car. Since then, Peugeot Company has released more than 65 million motor vehicles. 5
Today, Peugeot – the only brand in the world, which continues to produce cutlery, along with the development and production of vehicles – cars, bicycles and scooters, estimated in millions all over the world. These two centuries were filled with ideas, technologies, and design, therefore, all of the best ideas are embodied in the BistroVan – Peugeot Company’s unique vision of the restaurant on wheels that serves customers, and touching the best feelings, makes you want to come back again.
Since its founding the company Peugeot developed and produced thousands of domestic appliances and automobiles. All these products are a testament to the company’s multifaceted industry expertise and ability to combine new forms with new features. Food Truck is an excellent successor of French Lion’s tradition. Peugeot Foodtruck is a vehicle that transforms into a unique bistro, as soon as it parks. The main goal of the company was to work towards all the human senses simultaneously: sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch to bring customers a unique sense of harmony and modernity in a unique spirit of Peugeot.
Foodtruck is extremely compact, so it fits the tight urban environment perfectly. The shortened front and rear overhangs make it particularly maneuverable while the longer wheelbase expands the usable space inside the van. In the steady state “wings” of the Food Truck open in a width of two vans, creating a versatile space that can be easily adapted to any situation or event.
Space of the Le Bistrot du Lion includes an area for cooking, a dining area, a zone of soft drinks, and a DJ stand, allowing visitors of the mobile bistro to enjoy the playlists of a new musical platform and PEUGEOT MUSIC radio.
Peugeot Foodtruck can accommodate up to 30 people in Le Bistrot du Lion. In addition, stand-up tables are available under sun umbrellas Umbrosa. An important feature of Le Bistrot du Lion is environmental responsibility – a van is equipped with recycling facilities, and that is why this wonderful vehicle leaves no garbage.
To ensure compliance with all food hygiene standards, Peugeot design laboratory invited French experts in the sphere of mobile restaurants -Euromag Company. Professional kitchen equipment and appliances differ in a breadth of functionality, and can be easily adapted to the talents and ideas of all cooks and any styles – from haute cuisine to fusion and molecular gastronomy.
There are 2 grill bars, 4 induction hobs, and a deep fryer at chiefs’ disposal on board. The ventilation system ensures optimum air quality and a 400-liter fridge, which is located under the floor of the kitchen area, ensures freshness of all the ingredients. A separate 350-liter refrigerator for drinks and a professional espresso machine Rocket Espresso allows guests to complete their lunch with a cup of excellent aromatic elixir.


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