The story takes its start since the day when Confederate Motorcycle Company met Pierre Terblanche, the ex – designer of Ducati. Mr. Terblanche started working on improving the existing Confederate platform. 5

Pierre Terblanche has an authentic and particular approach to the job he loves, and so he did his best to breathe in a new life to Confederate bikes. A spectacular example of his work and individual mastery is a new Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster.

The new bike is equipped with an injector and a V-twin motor (132 cui), which produces 190 Nm of torque. The motor system is identical to the aggregate of the basic model of Confederate x132. By the way, several years ago, its motor system contributed in top speed record establishment.

The power is transmitted to a rear-wheel drive through a 5 – speed gearbox (drag ratios) and a chain drive.

In fact, this iron horse has a specific design. Some would say, that it looks like a mantis, but we say, that it looks like a Pamela Anderson (in the prime of life, of course). This bike looks really killer and aggressive. Confederate Hellcat is a true fusion of performance, strength, and style. It will make people turn their heads and watch you go while the engine roars like a beast. The only regretful downfall of this bike (not for all of us, of course) is that there is no second seat for a girlfriend. BUT! This beast is created for road warriors, and true road warriors need no pigeon-hearted companions behind!4
The motor bike is a handmade masterpiece, and only 65 units were produced.  Those 65 lucky devils had to pay 69,500 USD (10,000 USD prepaid) each for the desirable iron horse.


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