With a futuristic helmet firemen joined the Dark Side.

Swedish designer Omer Haciomeroglu presented the futuristic firefighter helmet of the proprietary design.  It looks like a helmet of the Star Wars troopers, but there is a fireman inside.


This helmet is capable of protecting the fireman in the distress of high temperatures up to 1000 C, keeping the inside at a point of not more than 35 C. The enhanced visor (eye-screen) is designed to protect the face and eyes from flying objects, radiating heat, and fire blazes caused by explosions.

In an aspect of comfort, this helmet is a supportive head-guard that firemen have never seen before. It has soft padded chin straps, vented netting and a conjunction of soft and rigid foam for extreme safety and comfort.

Moreover, the “C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet” is designed to help firemen to see clear through the thick smoke screen. Using the old, time-proved equipment, firemen have to keep contact with walls or even crawl on the ground with a full stack of handheld equipment. You must admit, that these factors slow down the rescue missions horribly, and when it comes to minutes, it is very necessary to proceed in a heartbeat.

The “C-Thru” helmet is featured with a built-in wire frame vision, which assures the firefighter a clear vision of the interior so they can identify the environment and surroundings without complexity. Moreover, this vision helps firemen to search for victims with an improved accuracy.
Although it might seem that all these improvements and reinforcements add weight to the helmet, yet it is wrong – the helmet is extremely lightweight and provides easy moves and maneuvers for firefighters.

As we all know, a burning building is a very noisy place.  The essential skill of a good firefighter is his hearing. By dint of the hearing, a fireman can predict and provide an early warning of a crumbling ceiling etc. It is necessary to admit, that under the conditions of fire sounds interfere with teammates’ voices, communication sounds, and smoke diver leader, of course. This interference may cause the passing of the important sound that may signal you a possibility of collapsing, or, reaching the victim. The “C-Thru” selective noise system cancels all the surrounding sounds in order to enhance the communication. In addition, everything is being recorded. Every step and movement will be recorded in order to prevent making same mistakes in future, or to improve the rescue plan and prepare for a mission.

In conclusion, it would be logical to add, that with the innovations and technologies, which come to our reality, firefighters will save more lives and prevent more accidents.

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