Mazda Company introduced a conceptual sports coupe called the RX Vision at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015.4

Mazda RX-VISION won the title «The Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year» at the 31st International Motor Festival. The award was given to the chief designer Ikuo Maeda, the head of the European studio Kevin Rice, head of North American studio Julienne Montousse and designer Iwao Norihito.

This is yet another achievement of the Mazda Company: in September of 2015, the company’s designers have won a triple victory in the Automotive Brand Contest 2015, including the title of “Team of the Year”.

The novelty represents the future, which, according to the Mazda Company, will one day become a reality: front-engine, RWD sports car with unique KODO style proportions, equipped with the new-generation rotary engine SKYACTIV-R. The construction of rotary engines is truly unique: the power comes from the rotation of a triangular piston, called “rotor”. Having overcome many technical difficulties, Mazda has achieved commercial success in the expansion of rotary engines by equipping Cosmo Sport (in some markets, also known as the Mazda 110S) in 1967 with a latter engine.

Being the only manufacturer and wholesaler of rotor engines in the world, Mazda Company continued to improve characteristics: to increase the engine yield, to reduce fuel consumption and to improve the reliability of a construction. All the innovations allowed the rotary racing car to get an absolute victory in the endurance racing “24 Hours of Le Mans” in 1991. Years later, rotary engines became a symbol of the Mazda Company’s creative approach, its ability to withstand any difficulties.

Despite the temporary halt of mass production, Mazda has never stopped researching and improving rotary engines. The new generation rotary engine is called SKYACTIV-R, and this perfectly reflects the determination of the Mazda Company and its desire to follow its idea in spite of stereotypes in the development of new technology, as it was with SKYACTIV.
The Coupe RX Vision will be set on production in 2017.


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