Creative arts – KOW.T6

A broad sphere of creative arts occurs in numerous embranchments and directions like drama and theater, graphic design, music, films, writing, photography and visual arts. Creative arts help the novice to develop and evolve as expressive, imaginative, innovative and distinct professionals without a sense of illiberality of their personal style and vision of the world. A creative art is aimed at demonstrating something new and exceptional, something truly special from the depths of creators’ souls and hearts. This article is based on the contemplation of the modern creative artist Beeple handiwork, which is named “KOW.T6”.


KOW.T6 is a futuristic piece of art conjoining sci-fi and abstract elements in one picture. It is obviously noticeable, that the artist tries to bring future motives and share the way he sees those elements and components to the viewer through the color and shape. Dark colors and gradations immerse us to a cold full-metal future of the high-rise cities, where the sunlight barely touches the apexes of the skyscrapers, and where the only warm source of light, which passes through the thickness of dark streets, is a neon sign of a shop. What do we see in the picture? The dark futuristic world, where the life and functioning are supported with the transmission cables and wires… This is the way our world will look like, in case humanity blindly continues polluting the planet and eliminating the nature. The active color palette adds an extraordinary reproduction to the picture, so it makes the gazer tune into the beat of the whole atmosphere.
Beeple works on his futuristic concepts for years to come, so he has drawn up a special manner and style. He has dozens of arts for you to appraise, and, maybe, to adopt his ideas for further development.
If you want to know more about this artist, you can visit his page:


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