The UFO hotel built in Sweden

The modern architecture has no limits and is able to create the most unbelievable and odd buildings from the various materials. One of such peculiar edifices has been built in Sweden. It is an UFO hotel, which is situated in the heart of dense woods of the northern Sweden, not far from the Lule River.
This construction of architecture is a part of  “concept hotels” series, among which there are “The cabinet”, “The mirrorcube”, “The blue cone”, “The bird’s nest” and “The dragonfly”. Each of them is located in the different parts of tall pine forest near the Lule River and is build in various forms as a big cube or a nest of a bird.

This insulate hotel or a room as it is titled on the official site looks like a spaceship, which has landed in the middle of a forest. This masterpiece of architecture, which is rising almost twenty feet off the ground and made of durable composite material, consists of a big ladder, a room, a small living area and a bathroom. In the main room there are 4 beds – one double bed for 2 adults and 3 separate beds for children. The rooms are completely insulated, but they have an underfloor heating, electricity generated by a hydroelectric system as well as a lighting provided by LED system.
The interior of this architecture’s construction also looks like the one on a real spaceship – the small round windows, a domed ceiling and the constellations patterns on the bed linen. The creators of this unusual masterpiece of architecture have done their best to make people feel that they are on a real spaceship, which has found itself in the dense forest by chance, and at the same time to make a minimal environment impact.
More images of UFO hotel are available on the official site of Treehotel, which also offers to book the peculiar rooms, which I’ve mentioned previously.
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