Gorgeous PE-Travers artworks

Hi, dear connoisseurs of art and fans of video games! Today, I’d like to tell you about awesome artworks made by a talented artist PE-Travers.

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PE-Travers (Pierre-Etienne Travers) is a not only a good 2D and 3D artist, but also a game developer and co-founder of Ragequit Corporation. He is mainly known because of his gorgeous artworks, which are dedicated to various video games, among which there is Vector Strike. The last one is the sci-fi shooter developed and published by Ragequit Corporation in early 2014. Despite the fact that the artworks designed for this project are dark and gloomy in general, nevertheless they rejoice people with their beauty, details and a good reasoning. It’s clear (at least for me) that PE-Travers has thought over all the smallest details of the huge sci-fi world of Vector Strike. His concept arts of this project demonstrate a bit eerie, but so realistic slum of the future, various technogenetic hangars and fortress as well as creepy landscapes of the world, which look like a real nightmare.

But the stunning artworks of PE Travers are devoted not only to the previously mentioned game, but to other well-known projects, videos and everything that the artist sees at cafes or somewhere else. For instance, I like the concept arts, which he has made for MotorStorm: RC and Motorstorm Apocalypse games as well as for Monster Hunter game series. As for me, the artworks are very bright, detailed and really gripping.
Also, Pierre-Etienne is known because of his incredible artworks, on which various amazing landscapes, creepy monsters, imagined characters and different sci-fi cities and vehicles are depicted. I think that there aren’t enough words to describe them all, so I just suggest you looking at some of them. Enjoy!

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