How do awesome illustrations of birds on the mural serve to the science?

We all have used that the various illustrations as well as paintings, sculptures and artworks are just beautiful pieces of art, which help their creators to express. But what if they can be more important and serve for scientific purposes? I have recently found one of such examples and now would like to share it with you.
The matter concerns the awesome illustrations of birds, which have been made on the mural by a talented American painter Jane Kim. The last one is also a founder of Ink Dwell company, the main goal of which is to inspire people to protect and love the Earth thanks to the works of art.
So, a couple of years ago, the director of Cornell Lab of Ornithology asked Ink Dwell company to paint a huge blank mural, which is situated in the visitor centre of laboratory. According to the idea, it had to be a big wall, on which more than 300 million year evolution of birds has to be depicted. The painted mural had to contain the illustrations of 270 species of various birds, among which there are even 12 new families which were discovered while Jane worked on it.

All illustrations demonstrate the creatures to scale, from a five-inch hummingbird to a 47-inch emperor penguin. And each bird is crafted with unbelievable scientific accuracy that makes proud any scientist, especially an artist.
The illustrations on this as well as other two walls with extinct animals and birds of the Americas have been created for the centennial of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This organization as well as Kim hopes that such scientific illustrations and other similar projects will attract more attention of people and make them demonstrate the interest to the nature, animals and Earth.


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