Cool graphical Star Wars posters by Ty Mattson

It looks like the famous Star Wars series will always be incredibly popular and important for people. Despite the fact that this franchise exists almost 40 years, it continues developing and rejoices us with new materials. This time, it’s the question of a new series of graphical posters dedicated to the franchise in general and its main characters.

Thus, Ty Mattson – a graphical designer and a big fan of Star Wars universe – together with Lucasfilm have imagined and made interesting graphical posters of Star Wars series. According to the artist, he has been always interested in this franchise as well as liked its original films. He has always had a dream to create the alternative Star Wars prints and finally he made it comes true.
The peculiar series of Star Wars posters, which you can see below, combines Ty’s passion for the franchise as well as his appreciation for modern design of mid-century. And I’d like to admit that he has handled his task successfully.
The Star Wars posters, which are screen printed on 100lb French Paper and are available in two sizes (18×24 and 8×10), show us the well-known characters and places from the franchise depicted in a bit strange way. For instance, C-3PO robot’s parts are detached from its body, Tusker Ranger looks a bit funny and a well-known Cantina is fancifully interpreted.
But no art print isn’t valuable if there aren’t the key citations from the movies. The Star Wars posters of Ty Mattson, which are dedicated to the original trilogy, contain the titles of the first films in the series: “The Empire strikes back”, “A new hope” and “The return of Jedi”.
By the way, these silk screened Star Wars posters are licensed by Lucasfilm and available in the limited edition. Each of such cool print will cost you $50 if you decide to buy it.


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