Gripping landscapes photos of Jonathan Taylor Sweet

12298879_1655339041371233_1778882314_nI’ve always loved the nature with its deep blue river and seas, mysterious mountains, dense green forests and sunny fields and grasslands. And I’ve always liked bright and colorful pictures of nature and I hope that you too, because now I want to share the stunning landscapes photos, which I’ve recently found.
The photos, about which I’m talking, belong to a young photographer from Seattle – Jonathan Taylor Sweet – who adores traveling around the world and visiting the most beautiful places on Earth. Usually, he shares the awesome pictures of his multiple journeys via Instagram, so you can find a lot of cinematographic shots taken by Jonathan on his page in this social network.
As for me, these landscapes photos have attracted my attention for several reasons. First of all, it’s a great mastery of photographer who has managed to capture the elusive beauty and the mystery of different places – an old house, which fancifully reflects in the water, deep and unbelievably blue lake in the mountains, a gripping view from the mountain’s pic as well as dangerous but so attractive waterfall.

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Each place, depicted on Jonathan’s photos, grips us with its savage beauty, the riot of colors and even spiritual content. When you look at these shots, you have a strong feeling that you are there, admire forbidding rocks, covered with a dense fog, or deep blue lakes and seas, or smile to the sun, which is setting behind the trees.
One more thing that I like in Jonathan’s photos is what he takes them in all seasons. You can see the pictures taken in cold winter or hot summer, windy autumn or fastidious spring. The photographer shows that there isn’t a bad season or weather for nature and I agree with him for 100%. The nature is always splendid and nothing can damage the beauty of its landscapes.

And what do you think about photos of Jonathan Taylor Sweet?


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