Unusual metaphoric sculptures of Seo Young-Deok

Have you ever seen a sculpture made from bicycle chains? Would you like to appraise such one? If you have answered positively, then now you have a good chance to look at amazing sculptures, which are made with bicycle chains.
These unusual sculptures are created by a Korean artist Seo Young-Deok. To make the life-size, hyper-realistic human bodies and faces, which you see on the pictures below, the sculptor uses welded iron and stainless steel chains from bicycles or industrial machinery. Each such sculpture demands considerable patience and a great mastery in the welding of each chain. And although it’s a quite hard work which takes a lot of time, Seo continues creating his unusual sculptures, because for him it’s not only a chance to show his mastery, but also the best way to express the anxieties of the modern human.
As it is demonstrated on the pictures below, the majority of Seo’s sculptures are fragmented or haven’t some parts of the bodies as if they have been broken (“Anguish”, “Ego”, “Meditation”). But the rest of them (those which are full) have an empty space instead of face as “Nirvana” work, for example. In this way, the artist wants to show how modern human becomes more and more dependent on everything developed by the society (technology, industry, new materials) and loses his uniqueness and spiritual inspiration in such world.
While the material used in each sculpture may be physically strong, the completeness of its structure is seen with a naked eye. And this completeness means the weakness of the human spirit in our manufactured world. Almost each sculpture as well as its title speaks of the suffering, pain and decay of each person as a personality in the industrial era. People have lost their connection with a nature and high forces and don’t feel the difference between incomplete and complete existence anymore. So, in this metaphoric way, each sculpture of Seo Young-Deok is designed to remind people about the necessity of spiritual life and its importance.
If you like the works of this sculptor, then you can go to the official site of Seo and appraise more his awesome sculptures.


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