The most bizarre coins and stamps in the world


We all use various coins and stamps in our everyday life to pay for something and sometimes we just don’t pay attention to them. But what will happen if you get a coin in the form of heart or triangle? Will you draw your attention to it in this case? I think, yes. So, today I’ve decided to show you 10 the most unusual coins and stamps ever made in the world.

1. Butterfly coin made in Cameroon

This bizarre 1,000 francs silver coin was released 5 years ago – in 2011. It was created thanks to 3D treatment and colored design. There are only 2,500 units, and each such coin has an estimate price of $149.99.

2. 100 Germany Pfennig
This strange bank-paper is the second in my list of the most unusual coins and stamps. Firstly, it was produced at the beginning of WWI and it was considered to be notgeld. The bank-paper was made with wood, ceramic and leather, and showed everything from social satire to romantic folklore.

3. 3D geometric coins from Somalia
This collection of pieces, which contains a sphere, pyramid, cone, cylinder and cube, was produced in Somalia in 2008. Each of coins is made in a simple silver design.

4. 10 dollars from Cook Islands
This extremely unusual bill is featuring a naked woman riding a shark and is a tribute to the Polynesian culture. This bank-paper can only be exchanged and used in the Cook Islands.

5. Guitar coins made in Somalia


And again the list of the most bizarre coins and stamps is filled up with pieces from Somalia. This time, it’s a multicolored 1 dollar made in the shape of guitar with an American flag on the obverse and the arms of Somalia on the reverse.

6. 5 lirot from Israel
This five-lirot note, which was published in 1968, is interesting because of Albert Einstein who occupied the place of Israeli president on the bill.

7. Cannabis coin made in Benin

This silver plated and copper-nickel piece, on which a green leaf of cannabis is depicted, was produced in 2011 in Benin. When rubbed, this 100 Franks CFA coin smells like cannabis.

8. 5 pounds from Northern Ireland
This coin can be considered a bit bizarre in two reasons. First of all, it demonstrates George Best – a famous soccer from Manchester United. Secondly, this piece is absolutely unique for the Northern Ireland.

9. Rectangular coins from Fiji
This amazing series of multi-colored and gold-plated pieces was made in Fiji in order to celebrate the greatest cities in the whole world. 1 dollar coins demonstrate New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, Sydney and Tokyo.

10. 5,000 Króna from Iceland
And the final bank-paper in the list of the weirdest coins and stamps is the one from Iceland. This 5,000 bank note depicts Ragnheidur Jonsdottir – a woman who wore pretty interesting headgear and made the altar clothes for Laufas church.
Did you like any of these unusual things?


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