5 the most unusual scale models in the world

port-scale-modelThe creating of ordinary scale models of cars, vehicles, buildings or something else is a hard and long work, which demands patience, attention to details, special knowledge as well as creativity. But what about the scale models of something that has been created during many years or even decades? Can you imagine the model of thing, the creation of which has costed you a huge amount of money? Well, you will have such an opportunity, because now I’m going to tell you about 5 the most unusual scale models in the world.

1.The model of Jerusalem
This is 1:50 scale model of Jerusalem city in the period of the Second Temple. The model, which measures 2,000 m², was designed by Israeli historian Michael Avi Yonah and mainly based on Flavius Josephus’ writings. Currently, the Hollyland model is situated in Israeli museum.

2. The scale model of Ave Maria Grottost-_peters_church_in_rome_ave_maria_grotto_cullman_cullman_county_alabama
The miniature of Ave Maria Grotto is the reproduction of the most important Christian shrines and buildings. The model is a 16,000 m² park, which is located in Cullman, Alabama (USA). Ave Maria Grotto, which contains 125 replicas, was built from stone, concrete and seashells by a Benedictine monk Joseph Zoettl, who worked on this model all his life.

3. The largest scale model of Solar system
The biggest model of a solar system is situated in Sweden. It includes the Sun, the planets with their moons, dwarf planets as well as various types of different celestial bodies. The Sun is represented by the biggest hemispherical building in the world (Ericsson Globe) and is located in Stockholm. The Earth as well as other inner planets are also situated around Stockholm and surprise with their incredible dimensions.

4. Eartha – the largest rotating and revolving globe
The Eartha is a 3-D scale model of our planet, which measures 41.5 feet in diameter and is located in the headquarter of DeLorme map company in Yarmouth, Maine. The Earth in miniature, which can be seen by anyone, tilts at 23.5 degrees, it revolves and rotates on a specially built cantilever arm.

5. The largest model of airport
One of the largest scale models of airport is situated in Hamburg, Germany. This miniature of airport, known as Knuffingen one, includes a lot of planes, runways, 15,000 mini people, 10,000 trees, 40,000 lights and many other things. It has been created as part of the city’s Miniatur Wunderland attraction.

Did you like the presented scale models? Which is your favorite one?

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