The engraving art from Joe Cummings

quailstock1600pixThe engraving is one of the oldest and the most beautiful arts in the world, the history of which is spaining many centuries. But despite the fact that this art is so old, nevertheless it continues surprising people with its depth, beauty and uniqueness. And the masters of engraving art don’t stop rejoicing us with their amazing works on various materials. Joe Cummings is one of such people.
This experienced and multi-talented master specializes in engraving different gun stocks, attache cases, fireplace mantles, pistol grips and many other things. Being a taxidermist in the past, Joe has learned to represent perfectly various animals, that’s why all his carvings with animals are so realistic.
In general, the master prefers recreating different birds, animals and nature on his works. When you see a bear, a deer, a wolf or birds skillfully carved on the gun stocks, you are gripped with an admiration, because the animals look like alive and you can see the smallest details of their faces and bodies. Thanks to such amazing engraving, such guns or rifles turn from the simple weapon into incredibly beautiful decorative things. But the master of engraving doesn’t stop repeating to people not to be afraid of using such guns to hunt, because one day they may become a good source of interesting stories for their grandkids.
But, as I have mentioned previously, Joe Cummings also engraves fireplace mantles and attache briefcases. The last ones are completely unique not only because of high-quality wood, but also due to perfectly carved animals, trees, leaves and mountains. Nevertheless, my favorite engraving works of Joe are those depicted on fireplace mantles. They are so detailed and stunning that you are able to imagine the whole story or even to fancy that you are right there. And it has become possible only thanks to the incredibly mastery of Cummings.
By the way, you can look at more awesome engraving works of Joe on his official site.


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