Modern art of light by Bruce Munro

The modern art of 21st century is very different, multifaceted and so exciting that sometimes you just aren’t able to look attentively at all works that you like. And today I would like to tell about Bruce Munro and his amazing lightning installations.

Thanks to the multiple technical achievements of the 21st century, the modern art of light has got a chance to develop, become more complex and surprise people with its amazing beauty and mystery. Bruce Munro is one of the contemporary designers who is crazy about light installations and uses all possible means to show the force of light and underline the beauty of the environment. In his large-scale works, the designer uses hundreds of miles of fiber optics, recycled water bottles, used CDs, different geometry figures, stainless steel, various light sources as candle luminaries, for example, copper, brass, acrylic, music and many other materials and means.

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I think that the modern art of light by Bruce Munro is something incredible. When you look at any of his installations, you have a strong feeling that you are in a real fairy tale. This designer is able to compose absolutely different things to create something amazing that is full of bright and pure light. All his works are stunning, but as for me, I like the most such installations as Fagin’s Urchins (in the pool of Martin Boxwood Gardens at Cheekwood), Water-Towers (Atlanta Botanical and Longwood Gardens, Salisbury Cathedral), CDSea (Long Knoll) and Light Shower (Franklin Park Conservatory, Cheekwood and Longwood Gardens). In these works, Munro has not only made the incredible illusions (of 10 Lilliputian worlds at night in Fagin’s Urchins, for instance) and shown how the color in the water-towers changes in response to the music, which emanates from them, but also recreated the amazing play of light.

I am glad that the modern art of light is created by such talented people as Bruce Munro who is able to demonstrate the real beauty of light and its importance for us.


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