Thrilling Alejandro Burdisio illustrations

Alejandro Burdisio aka BURDA is a multi-talented person. He is a great painter, illustrator and cartoonist who has already created many incredibly beautiful works in each domain. But today I would like to tell you about his awesome illustrations.

One of the most famous series of his works is titled “Universo Chatarra” (“Scrap Metal Universe”). It demonstrates various cars without wheels which float in the sky. Despite the fact that the majority of artists draw futuristic flying cars, Alejandro Burdisio prefers to paint the classical ones. On his illustrations, you can see different old busses, Asian rickshaws, Volkswagen busses, pickups, other cars, tractors and even tramways. They look really strange for us not only because these vehicles are able to fly but also due to their “bowels”, which are outside the automobiles.

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But not only flying cars are depicted on his illustrations. Also, there are many other objects and even buildings up in the air. For example, on the pictures below there are various technique stations, snackbars, churros and ice cream trucks and much more.

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The illustrations of the Argentinean artist open a new breathtaking world full of unexpected surprises, vehicles, architecture and landscapes. His pictures are colorful, detailed, dynamic and really thrilling.
More illustrations of this artist are available on his official page in Facebook.


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