Unusual Staudinger Franke advertisement

OELZ_Toaster_fullNowadays, it’s quite difficult to make a good and interesting advertisement, which won’t cause negative emotions and attract people’s attention. But at least one photography studio is able to make unbelievably stunning and unusual ads. This is Vienna-based Staudinger Franke studio.
The photographers of this company are incredibly talented people, who make really creative photos. This currently well-known studio is found by Andreas Franke and works with such famous companies as Nike, HSBC, Coca Cola, General Electric, Visa, Heineken and many other clients around the world.

According to the photographers, it is necessary to use all possible means to achieve only the best results. That’s why, while taking their creative photos, they often combine the photography, CGI and a postproduction. Using all these means, the professionals are able to produce the final images, which are nearly indistinguishable from the real things.
The creative photos of Staudinger Franke are always colorful, vivid and full of sense. You only need to look at photos titled “Don’t Make The Same Mistake Twice” or “Smallest Bakery” to appraise the mastery, the imagination of photographers and to understand the deepest meaning of each picture.

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More awesome creative photos of this studio are available on its official site.


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