A futuristic IED Syrma Concept Car

IED-Syrma-Concept-Car_0-640x426Welcome, fans of concept cars! Today, I would like to show you a new creation of students from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Italy. Their concept car, which looks very futuristic, is called IED Syrma. Firstly, it has been shown at the 85th Geneva Motor Show.
This vehicle has a hybrid system with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter engine and an electrical motor which together have to provide a breathtaking acceleration. Although the concept car isn’t drivable yet, in theory it disposes 900 horsepower, and it’s almost the same as McLaren P1. Also the car has an atypical interior, which may be inspired by LMP1 prototypes. The driver’s seat is located in the middle of the cabin, while three passengers’ seats are aligned. They are behind the teardrop windscreen, which has to protect the concept car’s cabin from various elements.

IED-Syrma-Concept-Car_6-640x426When you look at the back of the vehicle, you can see the high-mounted exhaust, which may be taken from McLaren roadcars, for example.


The concept car is designed to be totally safe. It features a complete pack of innovative active and passive safety devices. When the vehicle is in electric mode, it is completely silent.

Despite the fact that IED Syrma has been created in Italy, it’s rather an international project. Except for Xingwu Li, who is its main creator, 10 talented designers from various countries have worked on IED Syrma.

You can look at this amazing car in the video below.

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