Funny monsters made from coffee stains

monsters-18-900x900The real art is endless and multifaceted. This sentence has been already proven many times by different people, and today I have one more confirmation presented by Stefan Hingûkk. This artist is a representative of the coffee art. Have you ever heard about such art? No? Then, now you have a good chance to familiarize with the coffee art.
Stefan creates his unbelievable works from the coffee stains. As it often happens, the artist has been engaged in the coffee art by chance. One day he was drinking an espresso and suddenly spilled it. Looking at the brown stain, he realized that it left the shape of a monster on the paper. Stefan Hingûkk took a pencil and drew the outline, the mouth, eyes and other characteristics of a new creature. Since that day, he creates his drawings of funny monsters from coffee stains.

As for me, almost all works of Stefan Hingûkk make you smile. It is impossible to be serious when you look at the cute octopus or strange creature with a ball or a laughing pig-like animal. The coffee art of Stefan Hingûkk may seem to be too primitive, but I think that the beauty and uniqueness of such works are in their simplicity and positive emotions, which they cause. And what do you think?

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By the way, his artworks are available to buy. In order to do it, go to the official site of artist.


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