Amazing Longal artwork on leaves

1214097940Not only paper, large mural walls, wings of butterflies or coffee beans may become the canvas for the awesome artworks. As it has turned out, even simple leaves may be good linen to create various incredible pictures.
Such unusual leaves art is called the natural leaf carving. And do you know how these amazing leafage carving works are created? As it appears, the leaves art is rather long and hard process. To create these stunning artworks, you have to select the mature leaves, keep them in the shady and dry place for 10 months, then boil the leaves in high temperature water for at least 5 hours and only after that you can start carving the future picture. After all these hard procedures, it is necessary to dry the leaves carefully and to wax them to make sure that they can be kept for a long time.
One of the most famous producers of this leaves art is Longal artwork Co., Ltd. This China-based company specializes in the design, producing as well as selling of the leafage carving artworks. Currently, you may appraise 22 such works of the company’s official site. All the works presented on the site are really amazing and of a high quality. They are dedicated to different topics and demonstrate not only the rather detailed portraits of the famous people, but lots of various situations and landscapes. For instance, on one of the artworks there is a picture of the whole city – Vancouver, Canada. This image amazes with its beauty, fullness and the high mastery of its creators. Also, I think that the creators of the leaves art have perfectly managed to recreate amazing landscapes and even animals. On one of the artworks, it’s quite easy to recognize a young girl with a basket and a rabbit who is reaching for the food.

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Looking at these artworks, I consider the leaves art to be a perfect way to show the beauty of the nature on its own creations.


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