Plunge into amazing fairy tales thanks to Magdalena Korzeniewska gel pen arts


I don’t know how about you, but I adore everything fantastical – fairy tales, stories, legends and, of course, illustrations to them. That’s why today I would like to present you incredibly amazing pen arts of a Poland illustrator – Magdalena Korzeniewska.
This artist is a big fan of Game of Thrones TV and A Song of Ice and Fire book series. That’s why a lot of her works are dedicated to the characters from the book and TV series. For example, on the art titled “The winter’s bride” we can see beautiful Sansa Stark, who is looking pensively into the distance. I think that Magdalena has managed not only to deliver the minor details of the girl’s appearance, clothes and environment, but to let us know her deep feelings and emotions. There are other drawings with Sansa such as “Unkiss” and “Winterfell” where she is depicted with Sandor Clegane who is enamoured with her. Both these arts look like alive, the characters on them are full of different emotions and Magdalena has managed to convey all of them. Her mastery is seen in the work on the smallest details, well-chosen colors and the content of the drawings.

But Magdalena Korzeniewska pays her attention not only to A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Also, she has created many amazing illustrations to the various legends, fairy tales and even movies. For instance, there is an awesome art called “The snow queen”, which briefly describes the adventures of Kai and Gerda. Or there is a beautiful art dedicated to Mononoke Hime anime epic fantasy film.

I think that all illustrations of Magdalena Korzeniewska are worth to be seen by many people. They not only discover a new huge fantastical world with strange beautiful creatures, but also captivate our attention due to their deep content. Each art of Magdalena is ethereal and full of sense.



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