Creepy Daniel Venekurt artworks

Bt9197oCYAAXTzB              If you are very impressionable and afraid of various eerie monsters, then don’t read this article and don’t look at the dark art pictures of Daniel Venekurt, which will be shown here.
Daniel Venekurt, also known as Friendly Fish, is a Russian CG artist, who has been creating his strange surreal works since 2009. Despite the fact that almost all his art pictures are really creepy, they are very popular and attractive for many people. When you look at some of them, you have a strong feeling that they demonstrate your deepest awful terrors, especially those of the childhood.
At the same time, some of his art pictures are filled with black humor or are metaphors to reveal the big problems of the society or people. For example, there is an artwork, which is called “AntiValentine”. This artist’s work clearly shows Daniel’s attitude towards Saint Valentine holiday. He derides this holiday, which in reality is nothing more than a show and brings lots of broken hearts instead of united ones.
antivalentinAlso, it is important to pay attention to the artwork titled “The congregation”. This eerie work demonstrates the current state of the relationships between the priests and their congregations within the churches. The first ones use people in their goals (usually, to get money from them) and the people don’t see the real faces of the priests and act like zombies.
In general, the majority of artist’s art pictures are really creepy, but even the eeriest monsters depicted on them have some special meanings, but each of us understands them in his own way.


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