Pixel Pancho street art gives robots a new life

1916f039066717.5606a908516dc              If you are interested in huge various robots and don’t mind to see them on big wall murals, then you will like awesome works of Pixel Pancho. This famous Italian artist specializes in work on large wall murals, tiles, posters and stickers.
Despite the fact that this artist works with various topics, usually he prefers creating different robotic creatures. According to him, thanks to the street art and his works the robots depicted on the pictures get a new life. Previously, they were forgotten by people, their iron bodies rotted in the ground and they were discovered into oblivion. Pixel Pancho uses the street art to show people the hidden forgotten world of these mechanic creatures and give them an absolutely new life.
All these robotic creatures are inspired by different environments (the forest, the beach or the sci-fi universe) and even mythological topics. Thus, in 2012 in Warsaw (Poland) he drew a big picture of robotized centaur (a well-known mythological creature) and a deer. Also, the artist involves the images of the famous superheroes in his street art. For instance, you may look at picture, which has been created on a large wall of an apartment building and entitled “Flash died”.
There are lots of other works of this artist, on which various robots are depicted. You can look at the most interesting of them, clicking on this or that link.

The street art of Pixel Pancho is so interesting not only because of topics of his works, but also because of earthy color scheme and a unique mix of different styles (the ones of Salvador Dali, El Equipo Cronica Joaquin Sorolla). All these factors make the huge pictures of Pancho so impressive.


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