Demonic Zodiac signs by Damon Hellandbrand


I’m sure that you have seen lots of variants of Zodiac signs. They might be cute, bright, with beautiful creatures or with the elements of Antiquity, astronomy or something else. But have you ever seen ugly and really creepy Zodiac signs?
Such horrifying illustrations of Zodiac signs have been created by an American artist – Damon Hellandbrand. This talented artist has decided to reinterpret the well-known symbols of Zodiac in his own way. All creatures on his illustrations are surrealistic; they look like real monsters coming from the creepiest nightmares. According to Damon, he has been always interested in anything related to fantasy and the things (and creatures, of course) that don’t exist in our reality. That’s why Zodiac monsters on his illustrations look so creepy and unusual for us. At the same time, the artist has taken some images from the mythology, which is full of strange and eerie beasts. For instance, Sagittarius sign is shown as a centaur – a mythological creature the upper body of which is a human one and the lower body is a horse one. But even in this case the artist has decided to change a centaur a bit – he has replaced the human head to the one of a horse.


While creating his illustrations of Zodiac beasts, firstly Hellandbrand takes the information about these signs and what they represent in the terms of their names. For example, Leo means Lion, Cancer is a crab and Pisces is a fish. Then he proceeds to illustrate them as hybrids of an animal and a human.7a9669ac66e6e9079b14b67a893cb149
The majority of artist’s illustrations are done with different digital illustration programs as Corel Painter, but some of them are born as a white and black pencil drawings or watercolors. All works of this artist are presented on his official site.

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And which Zodiac sign of Damon Hellandbrand has impressed you the most?


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