Inverted architecture by Cinta Vidal will surely surprise you

cupula-cintapinta-7Cinta Vidal Agulló is a young and talented Spanish artist, who creates paintings of the inverted architecture. It may sound strange, but in reality all her works have one common deep sense and it is close to many of us.
The artist paints the non-gravity constructions with one main goal – to show the difference between a real world and the one of each person. Thanks to the inverted architecture in her works, Cinta Vidal demonstrates that regardless of the fact that we all have one common world, we live in it in absolutely different ways. We can act, express our feelings and see the various objects in our own unique way. At the same time, the inner dimension of each person may seriously differ from the mental structures of people around us. Using this inverted architecture, the artist wants to show that it’s quite difficult (and sometimes even impossible) to fit everything in our life – work, relationships, ambitious and even dreams.
One more important thing in Cinta Vidal’s paintings of this series is her realistic way of drawing. She tries to paint the realistic un-gravity constructions to help viewers to recognize the familiar space around them, but at the same time she wants people to see them in an “unstructured, broken way”.
Currently, Cinta Vidal works with concepts on other disciplines, but nevertheless she is going to develop this series and to show more paintings of inverted architecture one day.

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Go to the artist’s official site to appraise more her amazing works.


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