Stunning wood sculptures by Jae-Hyo Lee

wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-13Everything may and should be used for creating artworks. This sentence has been proven once more by South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee, who creates his amazing works from the discarded pieces of wood.

wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-6His stunning wood sculptures are the result of hard and meticulous work and, of course, good imagination of the artist. Jae-Hyo Lee uses only organic materials in order to create really large-scale, sculptural pieces that combine both function and form. Lee prefers to work with various geometric shapes and somehow he even manages to transform big branches and tree trunks into perfectly formed columns, globes and even furniture objects like an armchair depicted on the picture.

wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-31But the process of creation these awesome wood sculptures is quite long and difficult. Firstly, the artist selects the pieces for the future work and assembles them. Then, he burns and polishes the surface until the wood pieces visually contrast with the color of the scorched interior. Also, sometimes the artist covers the surface of his future wood sculptures with nails and the last ones look like worms or another small organisms. In these cases the whole sculptures look like the ones taken from the real nature a couple of minutes ago.wooden-sculptures-jae-hyo-lee-11The wood sculptures of Jae-Hyo Lee are both functionless and functional works, which can be used like a piece of furniture in a house or just a decoration.

You can get to know more about this artist and his amazing works in the video below.


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