Jeff Nishinaka paper sculptures

Jeff Nichinaka is a USA-based sculptor who creates his amazing works more than 30 years. This experienced artist is famous in the whole world because of his awesome paper sculptures, about which we are going to tell you now.
Jeff started working with a paper by chance, but he quickly understood that it was his vocation. His first paper sculpture was presented after two years of hard work and lots of experiments with different types of paper and ways of combining its pieces. While creating his incredible paper sculptures, Jeff Nichinaka always uses a cotton-wool of high quality, which won’t become yellow in a couple of years, the scissors, mechanic pencil, knifes, toothpicks, templates, triangle and a simple glue. Each work of this sculptor has been creating during 2 or 3 weeks. The bigger art object is, the more time it takes.
All his paper sculptures look like alive and, according to Jeff, it has become possible thanks to the special light and the multilayer of his works. Each element of a sculpture’s structure is meticulously created with great precision, patience and passion in order to perfectly combine with other details and make an ideal multidimensional work as a result.

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The paper sculptures of Jeff Nichinaka always surprise people with their many-sidedness, beauty and deep content. No matter what each of his works represents (a tiger, a tree or a block of a city), it’s impossible to be indifferent, while looking at them.


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