Surreal paintings by Lisa Ray

Surreal-Paintings-7Welcome fans of surrealism! Today, we’d like to demonstrate you the amazing works of young talented artist from Kazakhstan – Lisa Ray. She is already well known artist in the world and her surreal paintings are presented in private art galleries in Russia, United States and Germany.

According to Lisa Ray, she always puts into her surreal paintings some hidden sense and symbols. Using these strange and sometimes incomprehensible images, the artist tries to deliver her messages to audience. She believes that there is a beauty in everything, there is a love, a high power, in which people should have faith as well as that we have to live to do good things.

All artist’s oil surreal paintings are very colorful and bright, so even if you don’t understand the sense of this or that picture, you have lots of positive emotions caused by this masterpiece. When you look at her works, which look like alive ones, you not only find a positive sensuous pleasure, but also start thinking about many important things in your life and especially in our world.

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As for me, the most bright and positive surreal paintings of Lisa Ray are those titled “Attraction”, “Those who give a life” and “The river of reflection”. And what are your favorite ones?

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