Incredible miniatures of natural disasters by Marc Simon Frei

tesla-4-640x425Have you ever seen small lightning storms? Would you like to look at miniatures of this amazing nature phenomenon? Then we are glad to share the incredible set of photos of Marc Simon Frei.

tesla-5-640x426  This German photographer has bought a Tesla coil, which was produced in 1920, and used this electrical resonant transformer to take the unique miniatures of small thunderstorms. When Tesla coil works, it creates really spectacular effects, which are associated with the formation of different types of gas discharges: sparks and streamers, which look like small lightning storms. That’s why this series of photo miniatures made by Frei is called Tesla Sparks.

tesla-3-640x427     As you see on the pictures, the artist has managed to create tiny thunderstorms, which look like real ones. But that’s not all. Marc Simon Frei has also experimented with LED illumination. Thanks to the lights, the photographer has created amazing miniatures of thunderclouds with tiny lightning storms. By the way, the clouds depicted on the photos are made of wool and filler for soft toys.
tesla-9-640x440  Hope that the photographer will continue rejoicing us with these unbelievably awesome miniatures of natural disasters and soon we’ll be able to look at new ones. But so far, Marc Simon Frei asks do not try this at home, because “the high frequency voltage could damage your equipment.”


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