3D printed building and a car are created. What’s next?

amie3Dprintedhouse--900x600Oak Ridge National Laboratory in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill company have created a unique project – The Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE). This project represents 3D printed building and car, which ensure their own needs in energy.
AMIE shows not only how the new technology can be used to produce both houses and vehicles, but also how their needs in energy can be easily integrated. These 3D printed building and car are closely related in this meaning. The vehicle, which can go more than 30 miles per one charge, has a specific generator which works because of a magnetic wireless system and it can send the power from its battery to this house. While a 210-square-foot house is equipped with solar panels, which generate the electricity for both building and car. And naturally, they can transfer this power between each other.
The car, which in this case turns into a mobile storage device for solar energy taken from the abode’s panels, makes the whole AMIE system more flexible and mobile.
Currently, neither house nor car is too luxurious, but maybe a bit later they will get the necessary improvements and will fit for living.

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And what do you think about 3D printed building and car?


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