Dive into the futuristic reality made by Ian McQue

inner-city-life-4webIan McQue is a British concept artist who creates his amazing works during last 20 years. Some people know this artist because of his work on such incredibly popular games as GTA Vice City, GTA IV, GTA V, Manhunt and other, but today we are going to tell you about his incredibly amazing concept arts of the futuristic reality.
lightship landscape
Many of his futuristic artworks are presented on the artist’s official page in Facebook, but some of them – probably, the best ones – are even available to buy in Big Cartel store. So why are they so peculiar and interesting?
As for me, the answer on this question is in these works, which open us a new huge colorful world. Each concept art of Ian McQue demonstrates the specific details of this futuristic world – strange flying barges, various small and big robots, bizarre buildings in the city and different unusual military vehicles. When I look at these artworks, I have a strong feeling that the futuristic world of Ian McQue is a place, where is hard to live in. It looks like there was a war (maybe civil one), which devastated the cities and made people rebuilt everything. On one concept art we see a couple of military vehicles with policemen inside and outside. It looks like they are afraid of new attacks of someone and try to save their machines. Or there is another concept art which proves this idea. On this artwork, we see two cops and a dog in a big robotized machine and it looks like they patrol the territory.
Many McQue’s artworks show various odd big and small flying barges. On one concept art, which is entitled “Arrival at Sky Harbour”, there is a quite big military (or state-owned) barge, which is arriving at sky harbor to deliver some products or take on board something or someone.
Scout Flyer_Final_for blog
I think that all concept arts of this talented artist are really amazing and they have to be viewed more attentively. So, just visit McQue’s official page in Facebook and enjoy!

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